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Magic Kingdom Woes–Whiskey Found!

After a couple days of suffering I managed to get some scotch into my system. If you are in the Magic Kingdom yourself–you’re screwed. The only hope you have is being in Epcot and that can prove difficult.

Anyone who has been to Epcot knows it is broken down into “countries” however, there is not a Scotland to be had. This makes me profoundly sad on several levels actually. So, you have only one option—England—the originator of the pub, and keeper of the Rose and Crown.  They DO happen to have an OK scotch selection, even if it is a touch on the pricey side. I ran to the Rose and Crown first thing in the morning. Ran past sad fathers trying to hold back their little princesses and dashed past people resembling Jabba the Hut who were precariously balanced on rascals . I raced to the door and pulled with all my might only to find the damn place was closed in the morning. A wise old man was waiting by the door. He looked at me and smiled and said, “patience”.  I got as far in my retort as, “but” and he nodded and again said “patience…”

I was crestfallen and with that soul crushing defeat I moved on to more rides and food.  The only saving grace that day was a Tequila tasting I signed up for. In the primary Mexico villa building lies a bar with an impressive selection of Tequila and mescals.

I spent my days in lines waiting for rides; however, that was not time wasted as I searched the internet for a good liquor store in Orlando. This is a whole lot harder than you would believe it to be.  Liquor stores are everywhere; yet, few actually keep a good selection of scotch.

Knightly Spirits (12975 South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837)

Knightly Spirits has an impressive selection of scotch, and a heroic selection of beers, should that be your beverage of choice.  The staff was very knowledgeable and very helpful.  I got an excellent Signatory Cask Strength bottle of Highland Park. That little gem got me through the vacation—I lived…

I have been to Disney many times over the years; however, I have never seen so many human beings on rascals. Rascal (for those of you who don’t know) are those little motored vehicles designed to help obese angry people drive about.  They move at a clip seeming faster than the average walker and this allows American’s to show other countries that our people actually are becoming the characters from the movie Wall-e.

This thought actually scares me at night. I felt embarrassed that every foreigner probably believes this is what the average American is like. That most of us Yanks drive around in a fat cart with a basked loaded with Coke and Snickers bars. I promise you, some of us just drink scotch and don’t drive rascals—honest.

Yes, the picture attached is taken at Disney of the Actual contents of the a fore mentioned basket.

I did happen to get into the bar sometime later during the vacation and the prices at the Rose and Crown for 2oz pours are as follows:

Johnnie Walker Blue 37.00
Macallan 12 yr 12.00
Macallan 18 yr 29.00
Macallan 25 yr 95.00
Lagavulin 16 yr 17.00
Oban 14 yr 17.00
Glenkinchie 12 yr 13.00


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